Catching the ‘Travel Bug’…and how it helped cure me


The only bug I prefer to catch. And this time I caught it bad.  After dealing with chronic illness for 3-ish years, and after much prayer and finding an amazing doctor to help me return to normalcy, I knew I needed to get the heck out of dodge.  Some say, “you can’t heal in the environment you get sick in”.   I am not sure why or how this is true but I do know a lot of my patients feel somewhat better on vacation.  Personally, I don’t think stress is solely to blame for this.  Here is my very weird, but hopefully helpful analogy for this.  At the time, I was working two jobs and racing from one job to the next.  It was a pretty spring day in the midwest so of course I was taking advantage of the opportunity to crack the windows (while simultaneously blasting the heat, because again…the Midwest).  Out of nowhere…always out of nowhere…a GOOSE flies into my car on the passenger side.  I can’t help but go down the rabbit hole of what would have happened if my window was all the way down (insert almost any emoji face here).  Anyways, I looked in my rearview mirror to see the goose waddle away.  I had no idea what to do at this point.  I don’t know how to help animals and considered stopping but was afraid it would attack me since it wouldn’t be able to understand what I was saying.  I called a friend of a friend who worked at a vet and, surprise, they said there was really nothing they could do.  I was traumatized, the goose was traumatized.  I hate when animals get hurt.  You can’t tell them it’s going to be okay or that you want to help.  It’s the worst.  Needless to say, the rest of my short drive to work I was sad, shaken, in disbelief and late.  I raced to see my patients who were back to back that day.  It was a busy day at work trying to get everything done and then catching up with my friends/coworkers.  I started off the work day by telling my first few patients what happened but by the time evening hit I completely forgot about ‘the incident’.  I forgot about what happened until I walked outside and saw my car.  Instantaneously all of those memories, emotions and sick pit-in-your-stomach feelings hit.  In this moment I understood that our cells (or something) carries memories consciously and subconsciously.  Think of all those times you’re in a good mood until you hear ‘that song’ or smell ‘that smell’ or see ‘that picture’.  It can bring back memories that lead to physical responses such as anger, sadness, tears, happy thoughts, anxiety…

So… as much as this was a driving point to leave ‘the place I got sick in’, I was also in the perfect position to leave.  I felt better (still not perfect but in comparison to where I was, good enough).  I had a career that allowed me the opportunity to travel the U.S., I had NOTHING tying me down.  No house, no relationship, no kids, no deep commitments, I can go on… but in conclusion, nothing.  Nothing I couldn’t leave a year or two and not come back to.  Of course at this time I worked for the two most amazing bosses I have ever met in my eight years of working, both which were ‘pro’ my decision to travel and told me that they’d hold a place for me when I came back.  It made sense to leave.  The city I was living in had a lot of toxic memories.  It was like an alcoholic continuing to place themself in a party atmosphere.  The city I was in did not serve a healthy headspace for me at that time.  There was no reason I should stay and no reason I should not go travel. So Travel I Did.

Fast forward to Today.  I’m eight months in and it is 100% the best decision.  If you feel stuck or like something isn’t working, you can change your situation.  It’s going to take some grit. and courage.  Some sacrifice and walking into the unknown.  But I cannot imagine NOT meeting all the people I’ve met since I left, seeing all the places, being a part of all the experiences and learning all the knowledge since leaving.  So many people tell me how they are unable to change the situation they’re in and I call BS.  Because I was once that person.  We have one life to live.  None of us know how long it’s going to last.  But at the end of the day and at the end of our life, we have to remember we make the calls.  We make the shots.  We determine what we do.  Not the people we are trying to please or impress or make happy.  For me, I have an audience of one.  And that’s God.  So many times I’ve tried to live for other people and other peoples ideas and opinions of what to do.  But when I intentionally meditate on life, the only One’s  ‘opinion’ that matters to me is Gods.  And when I remind myself that I am a child of God.  That I am here to grow His Kingdom and love on others, it’s then my dear friend, THEN is when the sky becomes the limit.

Stay Woke.

Many of us have been here before. At least once in our lives and we all know how awful the feeling is.  Whether from being kept up from a crying infant, traveling internationally, or stressing from the thought of that early alarm going off.  

It is when we sleep, we heal.  While we sleep, the systems in our body are hard at work to repair and rejuvenate us for the next day.  If we’re relying on sleep aids or night caps to put us to sleep, we’re not actually getting into our “deep sleep” cycles which may lead us to feeling exhausted and drained the next day.  The same thing happens each hour we stay awake past midnight.  

That being said, did you know that the sleep you get before midnight helps repair brain and body cells and is shown to be the best sleep you’ll get during the night?  Each hour you sleep before midnight is double that of each hour after the stroke of dawn.  Studies I’ve seen lean towards 9PM to help our body do what it does. 

Furthermore, your organs clean, detox, replenish, restore and work hard during certain times of the night.  When you’re up past midnight this puts strain on your organs and it does not allow them to do their jobs as efficiently.  This can lead to increase sickness and other health issues as well as day time sleepiness.  

Research shows that certain prescription sleep aids can alter DNA and lead to their own issues and disease down the road.  Here are some helpful hints and natural supplements to help you get a better nights sleep.  If you’ve tried all the things, you may want to have your hormone levels checked to see if those are what is keeping you up and/or waking you up in the middle of the night.   Below are some ways I went from 4 hours of sleep to 9 blissful hours of dreaming sweet 🙂 

…how to sleep… 

Without supplements:

-We’ve all heard it: blue light reduction.  Try putting your electronics away an hour or two before bed time or check out these apps which help block blue light. F.lux (free,, Unblue app (iOS; $2).  I try to avoid electric devices 1-2 hours prior to bedtime and 1 hour when I wake up.  

Set schedule.  This will reset our internal clocks and make us fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

Deep, slow belly breathing. 4 counts in through the nose, 8 counts out through the mouth allowing the belly to rise and fall. 

Keeping a journal by your bed.  If you’re awake because of all of your thoughts or to-do’s you don’t want to forget. Write them down before bed and then try to fixate on something else like a memory verse or word to repeat over and over until you’re out.  Stay present to avoid your mind from wandering and keeping you up. 

Memorization or reciting a Mantra.  I recite scripture every night while drifting off to sleep and the focusing on a specific task vs. letting my mind wander knocks me out.

Falling asleep before 10 pm.  We can get a burst of energy between 10-midnight making it harder to fall asleep.  Our gall bladder and liver detox between 11-3 am so getting to bed before this will not disrupt this process.

Relaxing music/book. 30 minutes leading up to bedtime. (Spotify & Alexa have a ton of these.)

Bringing your body temperature down.  We get deeper sleep in cooler temperatures so play with your thermostat until you find a setting at night that works for you.

Noise reduction or white noise.

Light reduction.  Complete darkness is key. 

Staying away from caffeine past noon.

Get morning sunlight between 9-2.  The more outside time you get, especially in the morning, the better nights sleep you’ll get.

Exercise and expend energy throughout the day.  Exercising outside is a bonus! 

Stand in the grass.  This will help emit negative ions.  In today’s society, we transmit too many positive ions through our devices which can effect our sleep patterns.

Magnesium bath flakes. Add some lavender essential oil for the ultimate sleep bath.

With supplements:

(side note: some of these have worked super well for me while others have not, yet have worked great for others.  Keep in mind that it comes down to why you aren’t sleeping and what your body may need a little bit of help from.  So do your research wisely.)


-CBD (>40 mg)

-Sleep Drink

-Vit D



-Valerian Root

-Holy Basil

-Sleepy Time tea




Detox Just to Retox.

When you are sick all you want is to feel human again.  But once you are feeling human again, what is it that you want most when it comes to your health? To look younger, have clearer skin, lose weight, prevent disease, have more energy, brain clarity…?    The good news is, detoxing helps all of the above!

But, why are more and more people complaining about these issues than in past generations?  And why is the word detox becoming so popular these days?  I believe it is a combination of an ‘unfortunate sign of the times’ as well as research continually figuring out how important it is for our bodies to function.

It is shown that “more than 100,000 chemicals are now found in our foods, drugs, personal products, and everyday items, with about 1,000 new ones introduced every year. (1)  In fact, the (CDC) National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (2015) tested for 265 different industrial chemicals and found increasingly worrisome levels in our blood and urine. The role these chemicals play in multiple forms of cancer is well documented.” (2)

That being said, we consume toxins daily through herbicides/pesticides on our fruits & veggies, the air we breathe, processed food, harmful bacteria, insect bites, what we put on our skin, adult beverages, etc.

But, also daily our bodies are detoxing impurities and toxins through our skin, intestines, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, blood, and lungs. However, if the toxins in our body start to outweigh our bodies ability to detox, a plethora of issues may arise.

To add to our environmental factors, over half the percent of our population have a genetic predisposition that makes it difficult to detox toxins easily from our body.  (This is something your doctor may never tell you and may not even know.) This is why some of us can eat and drink until our heart’s desire and still wake up feeling like champions the next day. Meanwhile, others of us wake up feeling like champions, who have just been defeated.

Because different parts of our bodies need to be detoxed, there are different ways to detox and eliminate waste from all of our systems.  To get started, I wanted to share TEN free and/or cheap ways to detox from home…just in time for us to retox again.

  1. Exercise: Assists all systems in their detoxing process.
  2. Deep belly breathing: Helps lungs detox.  A lot of us have ‘bad breaths’ without realizing it.  So, make sure you are taking belly breaths instead of chest breaths and let your exhale be twice as long as your inhale.
  3. Drink organic lemon/lime water: This helps ward off free radicals which cause aging.  Something so simple also helps stimulate the liver and flush out toxins.  It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, improves your body’s absorption of minerals, promotes weight loss and helps digestion. Whew!
  4. Dry brushing: SKIN is the largest elimination organ.  This is a great way to help the skin and our lymphatic system detox.  Cellulite reduction is just a side bonus of this detox method. You can find them with and without a handle. (Being a lymphedema therapist in the past, I’m pretty picky about the direction of performing this so look out for a video in the future on proper technique.)
  5. Bentonite clay: This also is a great way to help detox toxins, defend against illnesses, and act as an antibacterial agent.  (Make sure you take caution on the type of clay you chose and the quantity you use. I prefer to use this topically.)
  6. Castor oil packs: These aid in detoxification as well as speed up the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. Here’s an old-school ‘how to’ YouTube that covers all the things.
  7. Epsom or Himalayan sea salt baths:  I cannot say how much I’ve felt the positive effects from something so basic. In addition, this can help reduce inflammation, pain, and insomnia.  Adding baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and/or magnesium flakes can help aid in the ultimate healing experience (I’ve even added charcoal but don’t recommend it unless you want a black bathtub.)  After a 20-minute soak, don’t forget to rinse off!
  8. Charcoal: I love this stuff. I’ve used it pre-Lyme diagnosis and appreciate it even more so now! It works like a magnet to attract toxins and unwanted substances in our body to be excreted.  It also helps with ‘herx’ pain and hospitals even use this remedy with drug and alcohol overdoses.
  9. Regular bowel movements: Which means anywhere between 3 times a week to 3 times a day.  If my patients are feeling like “poo” -I like them to go daily.
  10. Detox tea: For the sake of simplicity, let’s say there are two phases of detoxing.  Bringing junk into your liver and then excreting it out of your liver and your body.  Make sure your tea has both steps! Also, make sure your tea is organic as these too can be full of pesticides. Yogi, Numi, and Traditional Medicines are some of my favorites that are easy to find in most grocery stores.

Not only is detoxing beneficial when you’re feeling like junk or like you’re on the brink of getting sick but it also helps prevent sickness and other diseases from occurring. This being said, I don’t want to discredit living a healthy lifestyle.  If we’re eating healthy-wholesome-organic foods, sleeping well, exercising daily, and minimizing stressors in our life, then we are definitely helping our body detox naturally.  However, I live in America, circa 2018, and it is overwhelming the number of people I know who laugh at this unachievable list in their daily life.  So, if you are someone who puts themselves into that category, I encourage you to pick one of these Nat-hacks to add to your routine. I hope you will find it helpful.

“Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.” Phil 2:4

All healthy things come to those who wait.

So how do you get better?

This seems to be one of the biggest questions I’ve been asked. In addition to in-clinic treatments, I take these. Anywhere between 1-6 times a day. Remembering that some are an hour before eating, two hours after eating, to be consumed with food, not to be taken with any other medication, or taken at opposite times of day from each other. Here, I have them divvied up into three specific groups that may benefit everyone and which I’ll explain in a minute.

When I was first diagnosed, I heard a number of personal experiences where thousands of dollars were spent for doctor appointments and tests, multiple failed treatments, and ineffective medication. My goal was to bypass all of the above and jump right into the ‘Golden Standard’ of treatments. The one that was absolutely going to work. Isn’t this what everyone wants?

So, I set out to talk to as many people as possible to figure out what to do and what to avoid so that I didn’t have to jump through all the hoops to get better. However, the more people I talked to, the more overwhelmed I became. No two people went through the same treatment. Everybody seemed to be better but not 100% making me question whether their treatments were considered a success or failure. I grew more and more overwhelmed before I started noticing a pattern occurring with everyone’s treatment. What I eventually came to realize is that there is more than one way to skin a cat… as long as you had certain tools to do it.

Build cells. Kill viruses. Detox.

When I went to my NY doctor, I asked him why the supplements I was previously put on (before I knew I had Lyme) making me feel slightly better but nowhere near normal. He explained to me that Lyme disease was like having a monkey on your back. You can take all the supplements in the world to get stronger to carry the monkey, but it will still be there. His goal was to kill the monkey. He gave me ‘killers’ to kill the pathogens in my body. He also gave me detox tinctures because once something dies in your body, you must get it out of your body to avoid a herxheimer reaction (herx). A herx is a ‘die-off’ reaction which increases inflammation in your body from the toxins. This feels exactly like a flare-up which makes a person constantly in a state of confusion whether they’re getting better or worse. It’s similar to a cleanse or the concept that sometimes you feel sore after a deep tissue massage because you’re releasing toxins out of your muscles. This is why massage therapists will tell you to drink lots of water afterwards.

I was gung-ho and ready to kill these monsters. But, as the months went on I became sicker. My body was so weak that it couldn’t tolerate all the new viruses I was bringing in to fight the other ones. However, I continued because I knew there was a war going on inside my body that needed to happen. I think?

After a few months of this I went to another doctor who practiced similar to my NY one but was closer to home. There they found I became allergic to two pages worth of things including my own stomach acid. People who have never had allergies or sensitivities may end up developing them if they have a weakened immune system or deficiencies present. They also found I had poor absorption where I wasn’t able to absorb a lot of my nutrients. So, they ended up taking me off all of the killers and any vitamins I was on and put me on cell builders to help strengthen and restore my cells and DNA as everything was slowly being destroyed. They also put me on what I thought was a ‘restricted’ diet. Now thinking about certain foods I no longer consume makes me realize they were not really ‘food’ at all but rather disease forming, brain cell killing, fatty liver building, inflammatory toxins. But we’ll save this for another day.

What I’ve learned through all of this is the importance of balance. Throughout my life I’ve been an extremist. I work hard, play hard, exercise hard, vacation hard. Like in life, I had to learn balance in healing in order to be well enough to go on with my day as well as being able to continue to fight the good fight.

The reason I’m sharing this is because with any auto-immune issue, or in order to maintain optimal health and prevent disease down the road, everyone benefits by a balance of building up cells and DNA in their body (especially as we age), killing viruses (all of us have cancer cells in our body amongst others), and detoxing out all the junk that give us headaches, brain fog, fatigue, pain, etc. I wish I could tell you it is a one and done stop shop but these things take a minute to rebuild and restore. Daily, we consume toxins through what we sleep on, wear, eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin. For instance, I was shocked by the amount of metal in my blood because I always avoided aluminum cans. Apparently we can breathe that stuff in! Because of this, I will be sharing some easy ways to detox, kill viruses, and build up your cells in order to improve immunity, anti-aging and overall optimal health.

And time. It just takes some time.

During this time one cannot help but grow in patience and perseverance. Unlike traditional medication that usually gives pretty instant gratification but doesn’t always correct the issue or give lasting results, rebuilding tissues and cells can take months. Think about how hard it is to clean a house that has never been cleaned or decluttered regularly compared to one that is. The more garbage we put into our bodies and the less we ‘clean’ and detox it out on a regular basis, the longer it will take before changes occur. This goes without adding any viruses, bacteria, or microorganisms into the mix.

While patiently waiting for changes, I could see why people gave up on this long drawn out process. At times I felt like I was giving my money away all the while continuing to feel the same. But, like someone training for a marathon, trying to lose weight, or building a house, I knew that in order for most things to be done right and with lasting effects, it would take a longer time. If you can endure some discomfort for a little bit right now in the present, soon the present will be the past and all of that hard work will be behind you. I want those who are suffering to focus on their future self with and without their ailment and strive every day to get to the latter.

I don’t want anyone to settle and think that they are always tired or grumpy or in pain because it’s a part of who they are. I don’t want them to think that their child has behavioral issues because that is who they are. I have seen multiple patients who have thought this for years, even decades, and are now feeling better than ever with diminished symptoms as well as correcting other things they didn’t even realize was part of the issue. I’ve seen people come off of medicine (that masked their problem and in addition, caused other problems) that they’ve been on for decades and thought they would be on for the rest of their life.

Next time, I’ll be sharing different ways to detox parts of our body on a daily basis. I’m hoping that one of my Nat hacks may be just what you need, to help whatever it is that you’re struggling with, in order to make your days a little brighter.

Whose Lyme is it Anyway?

IMG_4028It’s mine. And it has been quite the journey. With the CDC announcement of a significant increase in diseases from insects THIS SUMMER, my goal is to bring awareness to help prevent others from going through what I did and guidance in the right direction to those who have been struggling with unknown symptoms.  I want to give encouragement to those who have been frustrated with unanswered diagnoses as well as education to keep your body at its healthiest state possible (as well as provide some health hacks along the way).


It was a lovely fall day in September, I had an India Missions Trip planned. The weather was beautiful and I was living life to the fullest, trying to be outside every second I could soak up. I remember getting sick.  A ‘mini flu’ in addition to full body joint pain to go along with it. I figured the inflammation from being sick enhanced whatever activity I did to cause my joints to be sore. I thought this was something that happened because I was ‘getting older’, ‘over working myself’ or ‘engaging in too much activity’. I may have felt this way because this is what I was told from others, including doctors. Working in the health system I hated these answers for patients and I wasn’t going to be an exception. I truly believe that every ache and pain we have can be prevented and can be corrected. So, I went to my doctor in the hospital where I worked. I went bc at this point it had been six weeks and my joints continued to ache. I ‘knew’ it was because I used my hands constantly in my profession but was starting to get a little desperate. Now anyone in the healthcare system knows not to go to the doctor unless it’s an absolute emergency. Because more times than not you’re going to waste time and money on BS (yes, I’m still a little salty). Anyways, he did a super quick assessment and told me to rest and up my ibuprofen to 800 mg (I am give or take 100 lbs, this is a great way to not only ruin my kidneys but put a band-aid on the issue verses correcting it). I then was billed for this <10 minute appointment and went home a little more broke and discouraged. I got a second opinion from another traditional medicine doc with a different prescription to ‘band-aid’ the problem before I sought out functional medicine. With functional medicine, they dug a little deeper and were at least able to find some deficiencies which we started to address with supplements. I wanted to know why I had these deficiencies and what was causing it? Does everyone have some type of deficiency they don’t know about and if so how were they all still functional and I felt ill? I took the supplements but overall, felt that same.


I slowly started giving stuff up in my life. My friends were able to go out late and have a good time and function fine the next day but less and less my body just couldn’t handle it. They could eat and drink crap and wake up the next day feeling 100% better than I did. Even one alcoholic beverage or not getting >8+ hours of sleep made me feel like I had full onset of the flu, strep throat, increased pain and fatigue that seemed like it was 3AM at all hours of the day.

Once participating in marathons and triathlons, I stopped running as I thought I reached an age where I was too old to run without pain or injury so I started biking more. I used to participate in centurion bike rides however got to a point where riding 1.5 miles to the library gave me so much pain and fatigue I had to rest in bed the remainder of the day. (We all have passions and exercise was one of mine. With an Exercise Science Degree and Doctorate in Physical Therapy, movement meant so much to me on a day to day basis.  It was exciting and fun and rewarding.  So initially, losing this part of my day was hard to grasp.)

As my lifestyle declined, I started having ‘new normals’ and forgot what I was capable of or what others were capable of doing in one day. I tried Pure Barre and 9Round but the extreme onset of pain and fatigue these hour long activities left me for weeks to come made me unable to do my job. So I decided to stick with yoga. That seemed safe and healthy for this point in my life. Now, I did get to the point where even that was painful and I was unable to perform. But this was at the lowest point where everything seemed to make me feel worse and was no longer enjoyable or worth it. Walking to my car felt like climbing Mount Everest. Going to get groceries was out of the question. The pressure on my organs from lying in bed left me awake all night grunting and groaning, the extreme weakness and fatigue in my neck where I physically couldn’t lift my head off my pillow, the nerve pain that radiated through my limbs felt like I was continuously being electrocuted, the unbearable pain I experienced from water on my skin whether I was washing my hands, showering, or drinking was so intense. Everything in my body became hypersensitive. My throat was always red and sore, my bones throbbed and felt broken, my lymph-nodes were visibly swollen and there were days moving my eyes or jaw brought on significant migraines. When I was working, there were times my joints felt like they were about to dislocate to the point my boss had to drive me home. There were days I spent in bed and had to mentally force myself to sit up in bed to not get pneumonia. On multiple occasions I slept 16 hours at night and then took two naps during the day. I just couldn’t wake up. Yet couldn’t feel rested. My skin constantly hurt so I had limited clothing items I could tolerate wearing. Between not being able to tolerate much and showering being painful, I had a lot of stinky days. I knew I had to eat but everything upset my stomach and when you have the flu and are constantly hurting, the last thing on your mind is forcing yourself to the kitchen to eat a ‘clean meal’. I just couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way. I tried eating different things, sleeping for different time lengths, meditation, telling myself this wasn’t real and that I wasn’t in pain. It was so hard being in social settings because all I could think about was how I needed to go sit or lie down because of the pain. Although it was easier being alone, I was also lonely. As much as I tried to find joy in the midst of it, I was sad. Nothing helped. I had to quit everything I enjoyed including exercise, traveling, outings, working, and any relationship I had. I accepted I was dying, because I surely wasn’t living.


Then there was the mental component. I used to believe I was mentally and physically one of the toughest humans around. (I grew up with a dad who constantly told me how tough and strong I was so even at 5’3, how could I not believe I was superwoman?) Before I got sick, I believed I could endure and overcome anything that came my way. I slowly and gradually developed ADD, anxiety, mood swings that could change within minutes, difficulty recalling anything I did, difficulty finding words, extreme short-term memory loss, sequencing problems, difficulty with decision making or remembering what I was doing at the very moment I was doing it. I know we all may have this happen occasionally but mine was constant and worsening by the day. My brain felt like New York City at rush hour. I had brain fog to the point I felt like I was locked out of my brain. I couldn’t think or comprehend what was going on. Everything was hard. I found myself walking around in circles in my house not knowing what I was doing or what to do.


I had more bad days than decent ones. But without any rhyme or reason, I did have decent days. Days where I still had brain issues, pain, and feeling as if I was coming down with the flu. But those days gave me hope that things were improving because my symptoms were minimal. These days didn’t last long and I was back in the cycle of not being able to function or have quality of life. I appreciated my decent days and tried to go back to my old ways of living…however, I was paranoid that I was going to do something wrong to flare up whatever was attacking me from inside.

Over time, I started getting an idea of what made me sick (exercise, not sleeping or eating healthy, weather changes) but I didn’t know what was causing it entirely so I started having a lot of fear of going about my day.  I was walking on glass, anticipating getting knocked down completely and having another flare up if I didn’t do everything just right. I felt like I developed these flu-like symptoms a few times each season and remember when I realized this wasn’t normal. Again, my normal started becoming so skewed. It took weird looks from other people for me to remember not everyone felt this way. It was so easy to go into self-pity or ‘woe is me’ mode at times as every day for going on two years, I woke up believing, hoping, anticipating that today had to be the day I was better, this had gone on long enough. All to experience everything all over again. Think of having the worst flu ever…plus an injury…in every part of your body…while pulling an all nighter…every day…for over a year… now two years. I’d like to say a week of that is long enough to endure for anyone. But when there’s no end in site, what’s a girl gotta do to keep plugging along?

This consumed my life. My days were filled with trying to prevent whatever was going on to cause a flare-up. New symptoms were constantly popping up. I became so fearful of everything. I couldn’t find answers anywhere. Friends started asking me if I was depressed or if I tried talking to a counselor. So I tried. No one understood what I was going through because I ‘looked fine’.  I felt like a frail 90 year old (nothing against 90 year olds) just struggling to breathe or move my hurting bones or joints and quite frankly, was surprised myself when I looked in the mirror and didn’t see a 90 year old crippled lady. If I knew I had ‘an outing’ that I had to attend, I had to dedicate an entire week before and after to being bedridden in order to fake being ‘okay’ for a few hours. I was wearing a mask that I was okay because it was too confusing to explain. I was confused myself. I would fight the pain when I was out and then would come home, crash on my bed, and cry.


After multiple hours and days and months of research, as well as getting advice from other healthcare professionals I knew and trusted, I diagnosed myself with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and recurrent Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). I had mono when I was 17 and for some reason I had it all over again and it wasn’t going away. I know that viruses can turn into cancer or more detrimental diseases down the road so I was determined to find the best of the best to fix this before I continued on this downward spiral. I found a doctor out in NY and headed that way to finally get healed.

My doctor out there was a holistic doctor who worked with chronically ill people and was featured in Self Magazine as one of the 27 curative docs in the U.S.

I told him I had chronic EBV and right away he told me about 85% of the population has EBV and that we had to figure out what was causing mine to come out of it’s dormant state and continually flare up. Within 5 minutes of me telling him about my symptoms he bluntly said, “you have Lyme disease”. I laughed and said “no I don’t. I have never had a tick bite.”

That is when I found out ticks can be smaller than your smallest freckle and don’t always result in the infamous bullseye rash. What was even more terrifying was that I found out not only is Lyme disease contracted from a tick, but also carried in fleas, spiders and mosquitos. For someone who’s family uses her as a mosquito repellent, I quickly found it easy to believe this diagnosis. (Plus, he reported to have been treating Lyme for the past 30 years which also helped his case.)

I learned that when an insect bites you, not only do you have the possibility of contracting Lyme, but within minutes you can contract a whole slew of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infection that will rock your world (I was diagnosed with five of these co-infections).

This is what makes it so tricky. Depending on which type(s) of ‘co-infections’ someone has and where in the body they settle, can make symptoms across the board look differently for everyone. Lyme Disease is also called ‘the great imitator’ because it can be misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.

I think of all the work I did to finally get a diagnosis and it makes me think of others who don’t have a health background and put their trust in everything their doctor says. One lady I met confided in me that she was thousands in debt as well as in organ failure because of all the doctor visits and medications prescribed over the years with no improvement in symptoms. The sad truth is doctors aren’t educated on diagnosis and treatment of these types of auto-immune diseases (this was admitted by some of my closest friends who are physicians as well as western medicine physicians who turned to practice functional medicine). Now having a diagnosis, I gave traditional medicine another chance.  Unfortunately the only ‘solutions’ they could give me was yet again another band-aid solution of prescribing me Lyrica, Cymbalta, or other pain medications that would not fix the problem, but instead cover-up the symptoms and potentially cause further issues down the road.


When Lyme disease is left untreated (like mine was) it turns into chronic Lyme disease which continues to wreak havoc on your body causing all types of allergies, sensitivities and other types of illnesses. The little spirochetes (Lyme bacteria) attack the synovial lining of your joints, burrow in your bones, organs, nervous system, muscles, blood stream, and are even able to cross the blood-brain barrier which means they are able to spread into your brain.

My NY doctor found that I had an infection in my brain, joints, and heart. Meaning whenever I exhausted my brain or heart (stress, exercise, thinking, etc…) my symptoms flared up. These little boogers create a ‘bio-film’ around them and can hide which make antibiotics ineffective in chronic Lyme. They are time consuming and tough to kill. But I am told and have hope that I can kill them.


We may all have some type of parasite, virus, infection in our bodies but when our body is strong enough to fight it, it may go unnoticed. It’s when we start having more infection and more co-infections in our body that it takes over our immune system and our body starts fighting against us. This is when problems start to occur.

Since this is Lyme awareness month I want to share different symptoms that co-infections may cause so that you can be aware of them in yourself and loved ones. I will share preventative measures on how to avoid this from happing, educate you on how to keep your body at it’s healthiest in order to avoid being a great living environment and host for nasty infection.


I wish I could say I am completely better but I can’t quite say that yet. I am told it is a gradual process and one that takes patience and perseverance. I still have a lot of bad days, but these bad days make me appreciate the good ones more than I ever would. It made me learn to reflect and live at a slower pace of life. I look at my priorities differently and am reminded more often of what truly matters.

What I didn’t want was to get to the end of my healing journey to then share with others how thankful I am as to how much God grew me from this experience and that life is great. Life is a journey of constant ups and downs and I’m not going to pretend it’s not. I want to say that I am thankful for this opportunity to have God work through me. After all, I believe I’m on this earth to love God and love others sacrifically. No matter what. To humble myself in order to lift others up and help them in anyway I can. I want to meet people where they are right now at this moment, in the midst of their struggling. I want to help you and your friends and family members who are discouraged and hurting for what ever reason. Whether or not it’s from a physical ailment or because of emotional or mental pain (as these can sometimes hurt more than physical pain). I want to be here for all of you, whatever that looks like. We all go through something at some point in our life where we need help and direction. I know I do.


Social media can paint a great picture of what we want our life to look like. I could easily post pics on my good days and no one would ever know the daily struggles I face. Unless we are in each other’s inner circles, none of us really know what’s going on in each other’s heart. So how are we going to reach those on the opposite side of the screen who are looking at social media and believing everyone’s life but theirs is going smooth? At the end of the day we are all human and we all have experienced hurt whether past, present, or future. I’ll be the first to admit I still get FOMO when others get to go out and do something I would love to do, but I have to remind myself daily that although it’s great to live life to it’s fullest, at the end of my life that’s not what is going to matter the most.

I know I don’t know everything. But my eyes have been opened a lot through this journey and I have learned a whole new level of health and healing. And because of that, I want to be a catalyst in any way I can in your journey. If you’re in a good chapter of your life: reflect on it, appreciate it, and be thankful for this mountain top you’re on. I want to rejoice with you.

If you’re in a valley, know that it won’t last forever. And as hard as it is, find joy in the midst of it. Think of what you can learn through it as there is so much we can take away from these hard times to make us stronger in the future, to help us better relate to others more intentionally. I am here for you to confide in whether through prayer, a listening ear, guidance in the next steps to finding a differential diagnosis or pointing you in the direction to a doctor that’s right for you based on your symptoms.

In the next few weeks I want to provide some health hacks to help you live life to your fullest potential. I don’t know everything, but we all know something that just may help someone else out.