All healthy things come to those who wait.

So how do you get better?

This seems to be one of the biggest questions I’ve been asked. In addition to in-clinic treatments, I take these. Anywhere between 1-6 times a day. Remembering that some are an hour before eating, two hours after eating, to be consumed with food, not to be taken with any other medication, or taken at opposite times of day from each other. Here, I have them divvied up into three specific groups that may benefit everyone and which I’ll explain in a minute.

When I was first diagnosed, I heard a number of personal experiences where thousands of dollars were spent for doctor appointments and tests, multiple failed treatments, and ineffective medication. My goal was to bypass all of the above and jump right into the ‘Golden Standard’ of treatments. The one that was absolutely going to work. Isn’t this what everyone wants?

So, I set out to talk to as many people as possible to figure out what to do and what to avoid so that I didn’t have to jump through all the hoops to get better. However, the more people I talked to, the more overwhelmed I became. No two people went through the same treatment. Everybody seemed to be better but not 100% making me question whether their treatments were considered a success or failure. I grew more and more overwhelmed before I started noticing a pattern occurring with everyone’s treatment. What I eventually came to realize is that there is more than one way to skin a cat… as long as you had certain tools to do it.

Build cells. Kill viruses. Detox.

When I went to my NY doctor, I asked him why the supplements I was previously put on (before I knew I had Lyme) making me feel slightly better but nowhere near normal. He explained to me that Lyme disease was like having a monkey on your back. You can take all the supplements in the world to get stronger to carry the monkey, but it will still be there. His goal was to kill the monkey. He gave me ‘killers’ to kill the pathogens in my body. He also gave me detox tinctures because once something dies in your body, you must get it out of your body to avoid a herxheimer reaction (herx). A herx is a ‘die-off’ reaction which increases inflammation in your body from the toxins. This feels exactly like a flare-up which makes a person constantly in a state of confusion whether they’re getting better or worse. It’s similar to a cleanse or the concept that sometimes you feel sore after a deep tissue massage because you’re releasing toxins out of your muscles. This is why massage therapists will tell you to drink lots of water afterwards.

I was gung-ho and ready to kill these monsters. But, as the months went on I became sicker. My body was so weak that it couldn’t tolerate all the new viruses I was bringing in to fight the other ones. However, I continued because I knew there was a war going on inside my body that needed to happen. I think?

After a few months of this I went to another doctor who practiced similar to my NY one but was closer to home. There they found I became allergic to two pages worth of things including my own stomach acid. People who have never had allergies or sensitivities may end up developing them if they have a weakened immune system or deficiencies present. They also found I had poor absorption where I wasn’t able to absorb a lot of my nutrients. So, they ended up taking me off all of the killers and any vitamins I was on and put me on cell builders to help strengthen and restore my cells and DNA as everything was slowly being destroyed. They also put me on what I thought was a ‘restricted’ diet. Now thinking about certain foods I no longer consume makes me realize they were not really ‘food’ at all but rather disease forming, brain cell killing, fatty liver building, inflammatory toxins. But we’ll save this for another day.

What I’ve learned through all of this is the importance of balance. Throughout my life I’ve been an extremist. I work hard, play hard, exercise hard, vacation hard. Like in life, I had to learn balance in healing in order to be well enough to go on with my day as well as being able to continue to fight the good fight.

The reason I’m sharing this is because with any auto-immune issue, or in order to maintain optimal health and prevent disease down the road, everyone benefits by a balance of building up cells and DNA in their body (especially as we age), killing viruses (all of us have cancer cells in our body amongst others), and detoxing out all the junk that give us headaches, brain fog, fatigue, pain, etc. I wish I could tell you it is a one and done stop shop but these things take a minute to rebuild and restore. Daily, we consume toxins through what we sleep on, wear, eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin. For instance, I was shocked by the amount of metal in my blood because I always avoided aluminum cans. Apparently we can breathe that stuff in! Because of this, I will be sharing some easy ways to detox, kill viruses, and build up your cells in order to improve immunity, anti-aging and overall optimal health.

And time. It just takes some time.

During this time one cannot help but grow in patience and perseverance. Unlike traditional medication that usually gives pretty instant gratification but doesn’t always correct the issue or give lasting results, rebuilding tissues and cells can take months. Think about how hard it is to clean a house that has never been cleaned or decluttered regularly compared to one that is. The more garbage we put into our bodies and the less we ‘clean’ and detox it out on a regular basis, the longer it will take before changes occur. This goes without adding any viruses, bacteria, or microorganisms into the mix.

While patiently waiting for changes, I could see why people gave up on this long drawn out process. At times I felt like I was giving my money away all the while continuing to feel the same. But, like someone training for a marathon, trying to lose weight, or building a house, I knew that in order for most things to be done right and with lasting effects, it would take a longer time. If you can endure some discomfort for a little bit right now in the present, soon the present will be the past and all of that hard work will be behind you. I want those who are suffering to focus on their future self with and without their ailment and strive every day to get to the latter.

I don’t want anyone to settle and think that they are always tired or grumpy or in pain because it’s a part of who they are. I don’t want them to think that their child has behavioral issues because that is who they are. I have seen multiple patients who have thought this for years, even decades, and are now feeling better than ever with diminished symptoms as well as correcting other things they didn’t even realize was part of the issue. I’ve seen people come off of medicine (that masked their problem and in addition, caused other problems) that they’ve been on for decades and thought they would be on for the rest of their life.

Next time, I’ll be sharing different ways to detox parts of our body on a daily basis. I’m hoping that one of my Nat hacks may be just what you need, to help whatever it is that you’re struggling with, in order to make your days a little brighter.

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