Detox Just to Retox.

When you are sick all you want is to feel human again.  But once you are feeling human again, what is it that you want most when it comes to your health? To look younger, have clearer skin, lose weight, prevent disease, have more energy, brain clarity…?    The good news is, detoxing helps all of the above!

But, why are more and more people complaining about these issues than in past generations?  And why is the word detox becoming so popular these days?  I believe it is a combination of an ‘unfortunate sign of the times’ as well as research continually figuring out how important it is for our bodies to function.

It is shown that “more than 100,000 chemicals are now found in our foods, drugs, personal products, and everyday items, with about 1,000 new ones introduced every year. (1)  In fact, the (CDC) National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (2015) tested for 265 different industrial chemicals and found increasingly worrisome levels in our blood and urine. The role these chemicals play in multiple forms of cancer is well documented.” (2)

That being said, we consume toxins daily through herbicides/pesticides on our fruits & veggies, the air we breathe, processed food, harmful bacteria, insect bites, what we put on our skin, adult beverages, etc.

But, also daily our bodies are detoxing impurities and toxins through our skin, intestines, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, blood, and lungs. However, if the toxins in our body start to outweigh our bodies ability to detox, a plethora of issues may arise.

To add to our environmental factors, over half the percent of our population have a genetic predisposition that makes it difficult to detox toxins easily from our body.  (This is something your doctor may never tell you and may not even know.) This is why some of us can eat and drink until our heart’s desire and still wake up feeling like champions the next day. Meanwhile, others of us wake up feeling like champions, who have just been defeated.

Because different parts of our bodies need to be detoxed, there are different ways to detox and eliminate waste from all of our systems.  To get started, I wanted to share TEN free and/or cheap ways to detox from home…just in time for us to retox again.

  1. Exercise: Assists all systems in their detoxing process.
  2. Deep belly breathing: Helps lungs detox.  A lot of us have ‘bad breaths’ without realizing it.  So, make sure you are taking belly breaths instead of chest breaths and let your exhale be twice as long as your inhale.
  3. Drink organic lemon/lime water: This helps ward off free radicals which cause aging.  Something so simple also helps stimulate the liver and flush out toxins.  It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, improves your body’s absorption of minerals, promotes weight loss and helps digestion. Whew!
  4. Dry brushing: SKIN is the largest elimination organ.  This is a great way to help the skin and our lymphatic system detox.  Cellulite reduction is just a side bonus of this detox method. You can find them with and without a handle. (Being a lymphedema therapist in the past, I’m pretty picky about the direction of performing this so look out for a video in the future on proper technique.)
  5. Bentonite clay: This also is a great way to help detox toxins, defend against illnesses, and act as an antibacterial agent.  (Make sure you take caution on the type of clay you chose and the quantity you use. I prefer to use this topically.)
  6. Castor oil packs: These aid in detoxification as well as speed up the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. Here’s an old-school ‘how to’ YouTube that covers all the things.
  7. Epsom or Himalayan sea salt baths:  I cannot say how much I’ve felt the positive effects from something so basic. In addition, this can help reduce inflammation, pain, and insomnia.  Adding baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and/or magnesium flakes can help aid in the ultimate healing experience (I’ve even added charcoal but don’t recommend it unless you want a black bathtub.)  After a 20-minute soak, don’t forget to rinse off!
  8. Charcoal: I love this stuff. I’ve used it pre-Lyme diagnosis and appreciate it even more so now! It works like a magnet to attract toxins and unwanted substances in our body to be excreted.  It also helps with ‘herx’ pain and hospitals even use this remedy with drug and alcohol overdoses.
  9. Regular bowel movements: Which means anywhere between 3 times a week to 3 times a day.  If my patients are feeling like “poo” -I like them to go daily.
  10. Detox tea: For the sake of simplicity, let’s say there are two phases of detoxing.  Bringing junk into your liver and then excreting it out of your liver and your body.  Make sure your tea has both steps! Also, make sure your tea is organic as these too can be full of pesticides. Yogi, Numi, and Traditional Medicines are some of my favorites that are easy to find in most grocery stores.

Not only is detoxing beneficial when you’re feeling like junk or like you’re on the brink of getting sick but it also helps prevent sickness and other diseases from occurring. This being said, I don’t want to discredit living a healthy lifestyle.  If we’re eating healthy-wholesome-organic foods, sleeping well, exercising daily, and minimizing stressors in our life, then we are definitely helping our body detox naturally.  However, I live in America, circa 2018, and it is overwhelming the number of people I know who laugh at this unachievable list in their daily life.  So, if you are someone who puts themselves into that category, I encourage you to pick one of these Nat-hacks to add to your routine. I hope you will find it helpful.

“Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.” Phil 2:4

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